Sunday, July 26, 2009

Water Hole Frenzy

So on Wednesday our water tap ran dry....apparently we haven't had enough rain to keep up with the water demand so...

Wednesday - Dry
Thursday - Dry
Friday - Dry
Saturday - Dry

By Saturday night we were trying to squeeze every drip of water from our drinking filters but we were getting THIRSTY!

Each of us was able to get one cup full of water by Saturday night and that was it...

By this point we were asking what we would do today (Sunday) without any water to drink...I think some desperation was starting to set in.

In addition to the water system, many of our light bulbs were out and so not only were we out of water but we were also out of light...not a pretty situation when the night lighting scares away the large roaches that frequent the latrines at night...

But I digress...

Saturday night we got a good rain...and by 9am this morning the water tap was alive and well!

Needless to say, everyone on the compound grabbed every jerry can we could find to fill them up...we filled up about 10 cans and refilled all three of our drinking water filters so when we run dry again, hopefully we wont be in the mess we were in this past week!

Now all we need are lights and we're golden!!

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