Sunday, November 21, 2010

Unexcused Absence?!

As an ex-primary school teacher, I realize that any kid who hasn't been seen for 2 weeks risks the possibility of being dropped from their school roster and reported to the truancy police...and yet, I realized today its been 2 weeks since I have shown my little face here!!!

Sorry for my absence!!!

Things have been so busy around here with GBI preparing to move in less than one month, and me taking luganda lessons 4 nights a week seems as if I just have enough time to eat and sleep nowadays!!!

As I watch the calendar days FLY by I am in shock that we have only 40 days left of 2010...I am so thankful as I look back at this year...

So much has been accomplish,

So much has been learned,

I will admit, the lessons of this past year have not all been easy but they have all been needed and have all been worthwhile.

There are many days I shake my head in disbelief at the ways that God works and then there are others that are so obviously God to me that I can't understand why others around me can't see what I see.

I am looking forward to see what these last 40 days of 2010 will bring and can't even fathom what is in store for 2011...God only knows...and I like it that way!

Monday, November 8, 2010 we come...

Well...not really...we still have about 3 1/2 months to go but campaigns are underway and causing quite a stir here in our normally quite and peaceful town :)

So how do campaigns in UG take place??

I don't have a TV but I'm guessing their isn't very much commercial bashing like you have in the USA.

We have 8 candidates this year...and the biggest way of advertising is posters, t-shirts, bodas, taxis, lorries with huge speakers, whistles and tree branches...

Yes folks, if you can't hear the campaign from your office window, odds are you will see the long line of traffic and huge trucks stalling traffic with their music, dancing and waving of tree branches...

Taxis fill up followers all wearing the candidates election color, tape the posters to the front grill of their cars, hang branches from their roof racks and have all the passengers stick their heads out of the window blowing matching colored whistles...its quite the production...

Each time I get stuck behind one of these campaign blockades though, I can't help but think to myself...humm...I would be more willing to vote for you people if you made traffic BETTER rather than worse!


Oh well!!! Let's see if Musevini will take his ba-zillionth term in office...well not ba-zillionth but he has been president of Uganda ever since I was 6 years old so he has been president for almost as long as I have been alive!!

Good ol' election frenzy... I guess I better get used to it sooner rather than later since it will probably last all the way through March!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Condo STILL for Rent! goes price drop number two...

$1645 per month and you get my place!!

email me at: if you are interested!!!