Sunday, July 17, 2011

Revisions and Additions...

This summer has been a busy one...and yes, I realize it has just begun!

Amidst all of my luganda learning, I have also been helping GBI with Curriculum revisions and additions. Each week I meet with 2-5 people who are each learning how to write curriculum...

I am excited for the much needed revisions in our English and Computer programs and I am also interested in our future additions (Bachelors Degrees)...hopefully coming next year sometime!

Please continue to pray for me and my curriculum writing buddies! Pray for wisdom, insight, creativity, depth and determination...all very important traits we need to write curriculum that will stand out above the rest!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Uganda...A Fresh Perspective...

We have all seen it on tv and in pictures...the dirty, fly ridden kid, with tears in his eyes sitting in a slum...and yes, we do have those here in UG BUT I want you to see the pictures you don't ever see...A glimpse of what real life looks like here in Uganda...

Our International Airport - This is what you would see when you first arrive in UG

Inside of Entebbe Airport, Complete with Duty free stores...

Around Town...This is Kampala Road in the heart of our capital city. The Brown building with red letters on the left is our main post office...this is where I pick up packages sent to me :)

This is a Friday Night at Emin Pasha, a local hotel/restaurant/spa - On Friday nights they have a jazz band called's a great night to snack on good food, listen to good music and hang out with your friends!

This is Cafe Java''s kind of like our version of starbucks but it is also a full restaurant with all the "american" food you could want...My fav...An Iced Mocha and a Chicken Salad Sandwich.

This is Garden City, one of our malls. It comes complete with a casino, bowling alley, movie theatre, dance club, and food court.

Here's a peak inside Garden City, this is one of our grocery store chains called Uchumi. This particular grocery store also hosts a christian book store and electronics shop.

In Uganda, we drive on the left hand side and rather than having traffic lights everywhere we use these roundabouts at intersections.

This is the inside of the National Theatre, every few months they host musicals and plays here. My Ugandan sister Barbara is part of the theatre group so she can often be found singing on this stage.

This is the parliament building in the center of Kampala

This is where my sister Barbara works and one of our best options for car insurance.

Our football stadium, home to the Uganda Cranes...This is called Mandela Stadium

Kampala is home to many international schools, this one is KISU, which is a school for primary through high school age kids. My friend Jeff's kids go here...they have an amazing school campus!

Here is our national bank, Bank of Uganda...some of my Ugandan family members work here as managers and economists.

Yumm...another great food spot here in town is called Faze 2 - This is great for lunches or candle lit dinners.

This is downtown Kampala, the building you see straight ahead is home to many little shops BUT is also home to my church (Calvary Chapel Kampala) - the top floor is our sanctuary, and the one right below it are the church offices and sunday school rooms.

This is the Kololo airstrip with a great view of our capital city...large events are usually held here, such as concerts, fairs, motorcross events and political speeches.

Our golf course, in the center of our city...its soooo beautiful that it almost makes me want to learn how to play golf...humm...

This is the Speke, it is a hotel about 5 minutes drive from my house and has this amazing pool, house back riding, and water sports...It also has some great Indian food :)

The Sheraton Hotel...They have a great little dance club here where they like to play old skool music (60's-90's) videos...If you want to dance to the "YMCA" song, this is the place to do it :)

And...last but not least on my little tour of Kampala is the Serena Hotel...Its also a great place with an amazing seafood buffet and a lake in the lobby.

I hope you enjoyed my little tour...I am hoping this will help clear up the questions I get about how many wild animals I see on my way to work everyday! I'm also hoping some of my long lost friends from Cali may want to come visit me and this city I call home :)

Friday, July 1, 2011

The 2 Year Mark...

Today I have officially been in Uganda for 2 years...I arrived here on July 1st, 2009 and its so odd because sometimes it feels like I have been here for SOOO long, then other times it feels as if I have just arrived...

Either way, It is becoming more and more evident to me that I have not stood on US soil for awhile...I have forgotten what its like in some ways...I have forgotten names of streets, food places, and directions. I have friends who were single when I left who are now married with's all a little surreal!

Despite that though, I enjoy this new life of mine and I am looking forward to many more anniversaries here in Uganda! Now I just need someone to toast this special day...champagne anyone??