Friday, September 30, 2011

Birthday Clowns...

I don't know about you but usually I find clowns odd and creepy, but last weekend, I found one that was quite who danced, and had jokes, and mocked the kids (but in a good way) was very fun! So here are some pics, from our 3 year old cousin's bday...enjoy :)

Monday, September 26, 2011

Concert Mania...

Well...Okay, not quite mania (being that it was more of a jazz concert) BUT still sooo sooo good!

This month we checked out one of our local musican's here in Kampala, Maurice Kirya, and was great! I was very impressed, not only by the music but also by the venue...!

Proof that missionaries in "far off places" can still go out and have a great time :)- and proof for some of you that I don't pass by lions on my way to work... (you know who you are!)


Now, for the funny part of the concert, and probably only funny for those of you who know my sister Barbara and I when we go out...but check it out...I found our twins...the chick in the white sweater was SOOO me (actually, I have that exact sweater but in black, so yes, sooo me) and the white chick was a dancing fool, just like was sooo funny to watch them that I had to snap the picture, even if i knew the quality wasn't going to be so great!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Definitely my Mother's Daughter...

The other day I got myself all "dolled" up for a fancy wedding at the local 5-Star resort...My sis covered me in make-up, we did my hair and of course had to take some pictures afterward...

When I looked at the pictures I couldn't help but laughing as I realized I have become my mother...
It was soooo funny because I could see some of her expressions in me, which apparently I never see without the camera...

So these pics are for those of you who know my mother, and want a glimpse of what she looked like when she was around my age!

I know...its a little scary right (esp the last guys might as well just call me Teri...) humm?!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Curriculum Consultant...

Wow...I can't believe it has been about a month since I posted on this blog! SOOOO SOOOO Sorry!

It seems time has escaped me as I dove into my language studies!

While I am still in no way fluent in Luganda, I have a better grasp on it for sure and I hope to continue to learn and grow in my language skills in the next few months and years! Please be praying for my brain...I think I have sprouted some new gray hairs on my head because of all this thinking and learning, but yes, its worth it...and there is always dye to cover the gray!!!

Unfortunately, my 6 months of full-time language study has ended...but yet a new chapter has started! As promised, I am now in ARM headquarters helping them with their leadership curriculum. The goal of the curriculum is to ensure that when their children leave the sponsorship program, they are able to be examples of servant leaders to the community around them. This curriculum revision is set to take 4 months, then I will transition back to my position at ARCC (aka...GBI).

Soooo, as some would say..."that's the skinny" and thanks for your continued reading, despite my prolonged absence! I hope to be a little bit better at updating this in the near future!!!