Friday, July 17, 2009

The Conquering of My Outdoor Shower

I think I have officially conquered! And let me tell you…I think that my $6 shower bag ranks number one in the best purchase I have EVER made!

Here are my adventures with the shower!

  1. 7am – walk to the water pipe and fill my shower bag up
  2. Place it by the side of my house and wait…
  3. Around 3pm carry the water bag to the outdoor shower
  4. Place my left foot on the 2 inch concrete ledge and my right foot against the wall…all while holding my 40lb water bag with one hand and the wall with my other
  5. Regain balance and hang the bag onto the two nails sticking out of the side of my house
  6. Gather soap, shampoo, and towel from inside the house and proceed back outside
  7. Enjoy my WARM (yes...WARM) shower in the afternoon breeze!
  8. Collect the soap, shampoo, and towel and return them inside
  9. Climb up onto the shower wall…careful not to slip now that the cement is wet and take down the trusty shower bag
  10. Place it inside the house for another day
  11. Enjoy the rest of the afternoon as a non-smelly / non-sticky human

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