Wednesday, July 29, 2009

An Offer...

Uncle Keith: "How's the new place?"

Me: "Well...Its not bad...there is a larger insect presence in this one compared to the old one I was in though..."

Uncle Keith: "It is the oldest house we have at the institute..."

Me: "Well...its okay...don't worry about it"

Uncle Keith: "If the bats in the roof are too noisy and you can't sleep we can always hire someone to come and get rid of them"

Me: "Okay...I will let you know"

Me (thinking to myself): "The bats are fine BUT can we hire someone to get rid of the guy with the large speakers who drives around town and announces the Muslim call to worship at 5am...cause he's the one that is really disturbing my sleep!"

Ahh...Uganda...You gotta love it!

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