Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Pray for Zam Zam

As I mentioned before, I have been placed in a family group here at New Hope.

I was told that the girls are much harder to get to know and that they will not let you befriend them easily...I didn't find that to be true with my new friend Zam Zam.

She was the first person to run up and hug me when I got to the family site, she sat next to me at worship time, she served me dinner, she came to my house friday morning to greet me before I left for my weekend in Mbarara, and she was the first to run over to my home when she heard I returned on Sunday evening.

She is so sweet!

Yesterday, Auntie Florence (the Ebenezer house mother) told me that Zam Zam's sister died suddenly. Her sister was just 17 and lived in a village 2 hours from where we were staying. Apparently she felt sick yesterday morning and by the time she arrived to the hospital she had already passed away.

Zam Zam went immediately and they held the burial the same day as her death. Of course, Zam Zam is struggling with this and very upset.

Please pray for her and please pray that I would know how to comfort her in her time of sadness.

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Joe and Tracy in Ecuador said...

I am praying for Zam Zam and for discernment for you. Its amazing how hard life can be. We have it so easy and don't recognize it sometimes. Love ya!