Saturday, July 18, 2009


Wow...I almost couldn't believe my eyes this week when I got my finance report and saw that I am at 98% on my monthly funding!

It is so amazing to see how God provides!

Thank you all who contribute to this ministry in Uganda on a monthly basis! I could not be here without all of your love and support!


If you are a new donor, know that you are much appreciated! I brought all of my thank you cards with me and as soon as I figure out how the Ugandan postal service works, thank you notes will be in the mail to you!

Thank you again so very much!

I can't believe only 2% is left to be raised! If you want to contribute...just go to: to sign up for a re-occurring payment.

And once again...THANK YOU!

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Dee said...

woo hoo!!!! Yay, Praise the Lord!!