Thursday, July 9, 2009

Slashing 101

First off let me announce that I am officially apart of a family here at New Hope...I belong to the Ebenezer Family which has approx 21 kids. As part of the family, I will be fellowshipping with them, doing devotions with them, and working alongside of them in their fields.

As part of our work today, I learned how to slash. We will be planting maize in the fields and so the first task is clearing the field of the 4 ft weeds that are currently calling that land their home.

Let me first say...slashing is HARD work!

What is it you may ask??

Well...basically, you get a huge knife with a kind of looks like it could be a machette but it is bent on the end kind of like a golf club and you swing it back and forth to cut away all the grass. I did it for about 30 minutes and I was EXHAUSTED! I walked away not only sweaty but with 2 new blisters as well.

I have decided a few things based on this new experience...
  1. If Ugandans played baseball or golf...they would be AMAZING at it...just based on the skills they possess swinging around the slashers!
  2. Ugandans have stamina that I have NEVER had
  3. Ugandans are WAY stronger than I am...arms and backs!
  4. God wasnt kidding when he told Adam he would eat of the land through painful toil and the sweat of his brow (Gen 3:17-19)
  5. Weed wackers were an amazing invention, even if they do clog up every few ft!
  6. We should be thankful for all the hard work that goes into preparing all those foods that we take for granted...

So for now...I will retreat as a tired, sore, and newly blistered muzungu...

Keep tuned for more of my adventures in Uganda as the days and weeks stretch on!

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