Thursday, July 16, 2009

A Housewarming Party

Mind you, I use the term housewarming and party in very, VERY, very loose terms!

Let me start from the beginning...

I moved yesterday to a new hut. I was actually content and very pleased with my original hut but was asked to move since my neighbors had 8 people in the hut next to mine and were sharing 6 twin sized beds.

My hut was the logical one for them to move into since the 6 kids could live in their original hut and their parents could live in mine.

So with a little bit of hesitancy I said yes.

Lets just say the last 24 hours have been interesting.

My new hut...while it looks like and is laid out exactly the same as my old one, has a few shortcomings...

Because most of the day it is in direct sunlight, the shower door and the front door don't close quite right...resulting in many visitors.

I managed, with some bug spray and a broom to get rid of the inhabitants of the hut before moving in and settled in for the night.

When I woke...I had a new lizard friend crawling the wall of my bedroom...turns out one of my screens also has a hole so each morning I may have some new little "friends" that call my hut home.

I went on with my morning like usual...Sitting in the institute classes...but this morning was rained...and it rained HARD! No big deal right??


When I got home I found a housewarming party waiting for was more of a surprise know the kind when you really don't want a surprise party but someone decided you needed one anyway??

I opened my front door and there were thousands, yes...thousands of HUGE black ants... The source?? My door frame...apparently that is their home and all the rain disturbed them...

Armed again, once more, with a can of bug spray and a broom, I started my attack...spray, sweep, step on, spray, sweep, step!

It took about 30 minutes, half a can of bug spray, and the death of my push broom before I think I got them all out of the hut, off of the walls, and dead on the front porch!

So there you have it...A housewarming party turned massacre in one short afternoon!


Joe and Tracy in Ecuador said...

Ok, so I am not going to complain anymore about the bugs and dirt here. You make me laugh! Hope there were no stowaways in your sheets!

Ed said...

Hey Lena, what, no bats?! Megan said you had bats (Susann loves bats btw). Guess that was the old hut, huh? Bummer.

AHFT prayed for you last night and sends you Simi love.