Friday, July 24, 2009

Are you feeling spicy??

How would you respond if you were sitting around a large table and someone asked you that question??

Believe it or not I was asked that question tonight by one of the girls in my family group…but it was innocent enough…

You see…there are these little red peppers that the boys in the family have been daring people to eat…they are no bigger than half an inch and are bright red…pretty much the smallest pepper I have ever seen. When you ask the kids what kind of pepper it is, they just laugh and say it is a pepper!

So the first night I simply watched as they challenged Uncle Cody to put two of the pepper seeds in his posho and beans. He did and he was sweating! He said his lips were on fire and his throat was burning…this coming from a Texan, I believed that the peppers must be awfully hot.

The second night I watched as Cody once again took the pepper challenge. Complaining because he accidentally touched his eye after touching the pepper…not a really wise move.

By night three my curiosity was killing me…I had to try it…so as Cody once again dished out two seeds to mix into his beans, I took my fork and put one seed on it…then ate it! I didn’t mix it into anything just went cold turkey and you know what I found out?? Cody has some seriously WEAK taste buds! It was GOOD!

Since then the kids have been asking me if I will put the whole pepper in my posho…So I do…pretty much every night now and it makes posho and beans WAY more tolerable!

SO you see…the "do you feel spicy?" question…was actually a funny question…

Cody asked her to clarify what she said and well here is what she said:

The pepper was spicy and Auntie Lena ate the pepper so now Auntie is Spicy!

Don’t you just love how kids reason!?

Good night…from one “Spicy” missionary

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