Thursday, July 23, 2009

New Hope Institute

How can I describe it??

I can't's indescribable...but it is awesome!

Some of my fellow Ugandan classmates were trying to describe the Institute the other day...these are some of their descriptions (Imagine them being said in a Ugandan accent!

  • It's like having open heart surgery without any anesthesia
  • It's like having a wound that you didn't know you had and someone has pointed it out to you and starting to pick at it and scrap off the scab
  • It's invaluable - worth all the time and the money
  • It's like they are cutting your heart in half, laying it on the table and then putting it back together
  • It's good
  • It's challenging me
  • It will transform you and free won't ever be the same

And for me...I just say ditto and am watching God work in this place. I think He knew I needed to be here and it is amazing.

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Dee said...

Lena, wow!!! Relentless is the only word I can think, but their is safety in that!!! Praying for you, love, dee