Friday, April 30, 2010

Standing Still or Moving on?

It’s weird for me to imagine that life is moving on without me back in the US

While it is no surprise to me that it is, it is also strange to think about that the life I knew in America will never again be the same…

When I go back to visit…

My church will have a new pastor

And new people I have never met before will be members

A friend will have passed away,

While others will have moved far away…and I'm not talking another state far, I'm talking another country far…

Some single friends will be married

Some childless friends, will have children.

Homes and jobs will have changed

And my brothers will have girlfriends

Relatives will have died

Health plans will have been revamped

And new policies will have been set in place

Diet fads will be different

And TV shows I have never heard of will be popular

And to think…these are just some of the changes that have happened in the last year…I can’t imagine what changes will have taken place by 2012! Just another reminder, that earth is not really my permanent home.

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Ed said...

Great post, Lena; thank you!