Friday, April 2, 2010

Ewh! Gross!

Haha...There are a rare few things that I have found truly gross over the last 9 months here in Uganda...but the other day, I ran my new #1 grossest thing, and got me thinking...what has grossed me out the most...Here are my top 3...from least to greatest...

3. A tied piece of small intestine served to me on top of my matoke (I ate around it :)

2. A dead dog...rotting on my road for 4 days in the African sun (Did you know bodies grow and weird bugs start eating the carcass...and that even with your windows rolled up the smell comes in the car!)...ewwh!

1. A dead cockroach...floating in the dish I left in my sink to soak over night (Now I don't mind these on the ground...but knowing they are walking on my sink at night with my clean dishes is just disgusting!


Abigail said...

Oh Lena, I had the same problem with cockroaches when i lived in duplex 1. without fail, every time i left something to soak overnight, i would get a cockroach by morning (sometimes still alive...eww!) i learned to not leave things soaking overnight or put a lid on them if i did! so gross, i feel for you!

Neil and Courtney said...

Agreed. Cockroaches are high on my list of gross-outs. Neil.