Friday, April 16, 2010

Tatted Up

As a kid, I remember one of my jobs with my dad was engraving all of his tools with his name and his social security number...I remember it because 1) My dad had alot of tools, and 2) because I thought it was odd that even though none of them was ever stolen he still felt the need to "tat up" every tool he ever owned...

Today I came full circle though...

I paid my mechanic to "tat up" my car...1) I have yet to have anything stolen, just like my dad, but 2) I'm not Dorothy and I definitely don't live in Kansas...

SO about $20 and 2 hours later,

every window,
every door handle,
every rain guard,
and every light,

now has my car's license plate number tattoo'ed on it...well engraved on it...but it's more fun to say tattoo'ed...and hopefully my car's new body art will prevent me from having to run around the city having to find replacement parts for my car's exterior parts.

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