Monday, January 4, 2010

To My Surprise…

In an effort to ward off malaria for a third time I have decided to try the commonly used “mosquito coil” in addition to the mosquito net that I already sleep under every night.

So what is it??

Today on the public taxi we drove through a huge smoke cloud from people burning their trash…the driver joked…hey…it’s a huge mosquito coil!

And yes…that is exactly what it is…an effort to ward away mosquitoes with smoke that has a touch of insecticide rather than the scent of trash…

It may sound unusual and kinda gross but to my surprise it actually reminds me a lot of burning incense with a similar scent…A plus for me being that I have loved the smell of incense ever since I was a kid and well if I get the scent I like and it also wards off those pesky mosquitoes that like to make me sick, then that’s all the better!

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