Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Fun and Random Facts

If I feel like walking to the main road from my house it takes about 10 minutes but if I want a ride from the boda guy (motorcycle taxi) it only costs about 25 cents.

I can get to Gaba Bible Institute and the ARM offices pretty easily from my house...if I walk to the road and then ride a taxi it only costs about 10 cents to get there, but if I am feeling lazy I can boda and then ride a taxi for a grand total of 35 cents.

My local supermarket is called super supermarket and it really is super! I can get good ol' American Processed foods for not too high of a what have I found at the super super?? Betty Crocker Frosting and Cake Mix, Mac and Cheese, Stouffers Stuffing, Oreos, Saltines, Ragu Pasta Sauces, and a variety of salad dressings...oh yeah! Its a diamond in the rough!

A place with hot water doesn't really mean all the water is means that if you want a hot shower you turn on the switch for the hot water heater about 20 minutes before you want to shower and wait for the water to boil...and no...the hot water heater doesn't heat the water to the sinks...those are cold water only.

While canopy beds in the states are really for the look of elegance, a four poster bed with a net on top is really for protection from bugs may look elegant but it serves a very important keep me from getting malaria, again!

Candles also serve an important role here...not just for mood lighting or relaxation...last night I did dishes by candlelight, not because I thought it would be fun but because it was the only light I had...sometimes electricity is sparse!

Dogs aren't pets...they are security and while it may sound mean, most of the dogs here live in a crate during the day and roam your compound during the night...there isn't a owner/pet relationship going on here...

Compound is another word for yard

"I've ever" is another way of saying "I always", or "I've done it"...

If you can greet people in Luganda they think you can speak the reality if you ask me anything beyond "where are you going" or "how is your day", you are going to get a blank stare and the request for English...

If you want to go somewhere in the morning rush hour, be prepared to pay more...apparently its more expensive when people have to get to work!

Sometimes I am mistaken for a prank caller when I call the USA just because of my phone delay..."hello,!" Its so sad!

Unlike America...processed foods are the expensive things here, while fresh fruits and veggies are among the cheaper things you can buy

For some reason "oranges" aren't orange here...actually they are more like green may get lucky and find a sweet one but mostly they are sour and not great

Veggies that are MIA (Missing in Africa) are those that I seem to crave the most...asparagus, artichokes, broccoli (but I did see that the other day) and lettuce (unless you are lucky enough to have a green thumb and grow your own)!

If you walk into a salon for a pedicure, don't expect to find any Asian women waiting on you...Ugandan men are the pedicure peps around these parts

It took a week and a half but I can finally say I slept through the night in my new place...either I was really tired or the dogs were really quite...I'm not sure which!

So there you have it...some randomness for the day! Hope you enjoyed it!

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