Saturday, January 30, 2010

Brain Fart?

So I thought I was doing so good...well not good but at least better...I had a great little convo with the boda guy in Luganda...It kinda went like this:

Me: Wasuze otya ssebo? (How was your night Sir)
Boda: Bulungi nnyabo. Wasuze otya nnyabo? (Good maam. How was your night?)
Me: Bulungi. (Good)
Boda: Ogenda wa? (where are you going)
Me: Ngenda Soya Stage (Im going to the soya stage)
Boda: umm (okay)
Me: 500 yes? (okay, okay...I havent figured out how to do the money thing in Luganda yet...give me grace)
Boda: Ye (yes)
Me...getting on the boda...
Boda: Tugenda (we go?)
Me: Si.....Si!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What the heck!!!! I dont even speak that much spanish and out of my crazy brain comes the word Si! haha! That poor Boda was probably thinking I was crazy and my poor brain was probably thinking....quick...what's yes in a different language!

So yeah...theres the brain fart of the day...Si!
Oh brother!

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Neil and Courtney said...

oh my gosh! I find myself saying 'Si' all the time!!

I love that.