Saturday, January 23, 2010

New Place...New Sounds

So as I have been awake for the last 2 hours and have now come to 4am I can't help but notice all the new nighttime noises that are pretty much non-existent in the villages of Uganda...

Whats new??

  • A security guard dog that likes to howl at strange and random times during the night, along with all of his other dog friends that live around this area
  • Cars coming and going at all hours
  • Horns honking
  • Gates clanking
  • And random voices...and no...they are not in my head...they are random conversations of the night guards...

Surprisingly I don't hear as many frogs, crickets, or confused hens around here...I think I actually slept better with country noises rather than these new city noises BUT I also think it is just a matter of adjusting to all the new sounds...hopefully in a month or so I will be sleeping sound!

But for now...I'm just a very frustrated tired person that can't seem to get any sleep!

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atiq zizan said...

how nice experience?...nice meet u..