Thursday, October 15, 2009

Weird things I wonder about…

  • What happens to the cockroaches that live at the bottom of the latrine when a piece of poo falls on them from 40 ft above them…is it instant death??
  • How is it that you can catch a frog, throw him in a forest a 5 minutes walk away from your home and he still finds his way back?
  • Why did God make birds that laugh like kids, and squeak like monkeys…?
  • Why are albino roaches more repulsive to me than the black ones…?
  • How is it that ants can find food SO quickly!?
  • If bats have such great eyesight at night, why is it that they constantly fly into our heads at night?
  • Why are so many westerners scared to visit Africa?? What is it that scares them so?
  • Why is it that the worms I get, aren't the kind that make me lose weight…cause seriously…if I have to have them…I want the benefit of weight loss that comes with it!
  • If Africans are okay with having a map on the wall that says “Negroland” why are the westerners so bothered by it??
  • What do beetles, the size of baseballs, eat??
  • How long does it take for a 40ft pit latrine to get full?
  • Why haven’t chocolate chips made their way to Uganda yet??
  • How come you can wear sandals everyday in Cali and never have your feet crack but when you do it in Africa your feet look like a desert graveyard in serious need of some Vaseline?
  • Why does western hair gets oily all by itself and yet African hair needs oil added to it??
  • Why don't flies like to buzz in the dark?
  • How is it that little worms can jump so high?

I'm just curious…that’s all! And I am sure I have more things I wonder about BUT for now...that's what has my interest peaked :)

Oh AND...if you know the answer to any of these questions...I would love to hear the answer :)

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Neil and Courtney said...

okay, these are histerical. I absolutely love this posting!