Tuesday, October 27, 2009

No Man is An Island

It may be some silly saying but I have really seen it to be true.

God has created as people that need people...that's why the well functioning body of Christ is so amazing...believers joined together who really need each other...so much so that I would suffer if I didn't have them.

In a world where everyone wants to be independent, you can see the effects of people living for themselves...crime, hate, cheating, the works...

The sad thing is, it works it way down into families so fast that we don't even know it is happening until it is too late.

Yesterday night as I was eating dinner with my kids, I noticed it happening...brothers picking on sisters, laughing at them, putting them down and doing it just to make themselves feel better...now I know that my setting is a little different with 22 kids ranging from 1st grade to 12th grade but even so...we are a family and one that should function as a "body" not as independent members who all happen to live in one setting together.

While last night I spoke up on behalf of my girls, tonight I had an expected surprise...Uncle Cody was stuck in Kampala in traffic and so 30 minutes before family devotions were to start he asked me to lead them.

I sucked it up and figured...well...let's see what happens...I skimmed through my bible thinking of something fantastic to say and then realized...I have NOTHING fantastic to say...so I prayed...

I went off to devotions still unsure of what I was going to talk about...but as I arrived the Holy Spirit came to my rescue..."the body of Christ"...duh! So I read the passage and talked about how even our family needs to treat one another with care and love and then I went out on a limb...not quite sure what would happen, I proposed that we encourage one another and build each other up rather than tear each other down...

I started it...turning to my right and encouraging Wonderful. The kids at first were not quite sure about sharing out loud but as we rounded our circle it became easier...I also noticed faces that once were straight had huge smiles on them...

It was a night of really enjoying one another and it was amazing. Nathan, one of our older boys (about 11th grade) thanked me afterwards for having them do that and told me we should do it more often.

I am so thankful that God uses even me...when I have NO idea what to say...He says it. When I have NO clue what the kids need..He knows. When I have NO idea what to prepare...He already knows exactly what He is going to have us do.

I sit here blessed with a smile on my face and I have God alone to thank for it. Thank you Lord and thank you for my Ebenezer Family!

I am so glad that I don't have to stand alone as an island of one!

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teri said...

May our amazing God continue to show you that He always wants to use you as His spokeswoman, as long as you humbly allow Him to.. more of Jesus, less of you, each and every day.. I love you!