Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Contact Info

Here is the latest contact info...

For those of you that have my mailing address at New Hope Uganda, I would ask that you now hold off on sending anything via mail after today as it can sometimes take 6-8 weeks to arrive and I am leaving the institute in about 7 weeks.

I will get my new Kampala mailing address to you as soon as I get it!

As for phone contact, I have a Ugandan cell phone number that you can call me on internationally (if you get a calling card)


I now have a skype online phone number that you can call and leave messages on. This number will ring to my computer and is a local California call. I would love to get messages and hear some of your voices SO if you don't have this number and would like it, email me and I can send it to you :)

Hope you are all doing well! I miss you lots!

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