Monday, October 5, 2009


So I have been thinking about this for awhile now and have come to realize that I really do LOVE life in Uganda.

It is for the most part completely opposite of life as I knew it before but for some reason I feel at home...

I love the sound of the birds outside my window at all hours of the day
I love that I can see clusters of the milky way at night
I love the sound of millions of frogs at night after a rain
I love that it can be HOT and two seconds later raining so hard that the ground is flooded
I love the way the wind blows just before a strong rain
I love the breeze of an outdoor shower in the afternoon
I love that you can hold someones hand for no other reason except that they are your friend
I love that when you ask Ugandan's to tell you who someone is they will say they are the dark black one
I love that the world doesn't stop when there isn't any electricity
I love that when you are sick all your friends come to visit and pray for you
I love that I cant eat as much as a Ugandan child
I love that you are always welcome, even if you aren't invited
I love that you can sit in silence and then erupt in laughter just because
I love that church isn't planned but is spontaneous
I love that every kid you pass calls you Auntie or Uncle
I love that you are within walking distance of all your friends
I love that fresh fruit and veggies are the cheapest things you can buy
I love that you can go to the market and the salesman will give you a piece of candy to try for free
I love that there is always room for you, no matter how full the car is
I love when you go to some one's house the first question is "do you have a bathroom?"
I love that I can see Jupiter
I love that we have family devotions every night
I love that a trip into the city is exciting
I love that when you are dressed nice you are told that you look "smart"
I love that we can worship in English, Lugandan, Ateso, Swahilli, and Lauo and that God understands each word
I love that no matter how much toilet paper you use, a pit latrine, unlike a drain, will never clog
I love that while my progress is slow, I catch words in Lugandan that I understand
I love that movie night is simply a group of friends gathering around a laptop with the pc speakers turned on full blast
I love that mopping entails flooding the place and then just squiggying out the excess water
I love that I can shower using just 1 1/2 gallons of water
I love the way Ugandans pray
I love that you can take a 12+ hour public transit ride and it only costs $7
I love that I can stand in the Northern & Southern Hemishere at the same time

Basically, I love Uganda...and I thank the Lord for that because it is him that made me love the people and this place so very much.


marcie said...

I love that you've put all these things into writing! Made me smile! I love YOU Lena!!

kboden said...

Lena, this was a great snapshot of your life made me smile. Love you like crazy!