Sunday, August 17, 2008

Something to Wrap Your Mind Around...

I have trouble even imagining this but here are some crazy "stats" that I came across in my "serving as senders" book this week:
  1. The poverty level in America is in the top 4% of all world family income.
  2. Charitable giving among ALL Americans is only 1.7% of their total income.
  3. Americans spend as much on chewing gum in a year as they give to missions.
  4. Americans pay as much for pet food in 52 days as they spend annually on missions.
  5. On Feb. 14th, Americans spend more money to say "I love you" with Valentines Day Cards than they spend the rest of the year to tell someone in the world that "God Loves Them"

In this recession, I have considered myself as being "poor" when in reality I am in the top 2% of the world in terms of my job income, my home, my education and my possessions.

Where do you stand?

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