Sunday, August 17, 2008


Have you ever written something on your computer, re-read it at least two times, used the spell check and STILL have someone point out the errors in it when you are done??

Well, I have!

My most recent one being one of the BIGGEST Boo-boo's yet. I sent out a letter to 25 people that expressed an interest in being a part of my support team. In it I was telling them how I felt God's calling in my life but that I prayed for wisdom and for God to reveal himself to me so that I could say with confidence that this was where He wanted me...Unfortunately my spell check and proof-reading skills failed. Rather than saying "God revealed himself to me", I typed "God reviled himself to me".

So for all those out there wondering..."God revealed himself to me" didn't happen any other way =)

Thank you to my 2 faithful readers that caught that mistake and thanks for helping me stay on my toes! You guys rock!

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