Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Coincidence??? I think NOT!

So I mentioned that I have a possible job in Africa but I didn't tell you the really cool thing about it.

I have heard from the principal twice now and she definitely wants me to work there rewriting and revising the school's curriculum. I am qualified to do this because I have my master's degree in curriculum & instruction.

The funny thing about my master's program is that it is one that I was not able to chose. If it was I would have never chosen to do a program in curriculum writing because it was something I never really planned to do.

The program that I was in was a pilot program for CSULA and LAUSD. The goal of the program was for the university to collaborate with the school district so that they could offer teachers the opportunity to clear their teaching credentials and earn a master's degree at the same time. At the time they only offered one masters option - the one in curriculum.

At the time I figured it would just give me the extra units at work to raise my pay BUT now that I know I will probably be writing curriculum in Africa I can see that it was God that put me in that program. He orchestrated it in such a way that when I got to Africa to serve him, I would be qualified to do this particular task.

That is AMAZING to me and it's way too amazing to be a coincidence.

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