Saturday, August 16, 2008


I knew in the back of my mind that there are a huge amount of logistic needs to be met before I can successfully leave for Africa but I had never seen the list in black and white before now.

As some of you know, I have been reading "Serving as Senders" and the last chapter I read was all about logistic support. In it there were things that I had thought about and then things I never would have thought about.

After reading it I am so glad that my training at NMSI is only two months away because I can't wait to find out what logistics they will help me with and then what I have to ask other friends to take care of for me.

Here's a rough idea of the logistics support I will need to take care of before I can leave...

  1. My condo - which includes: someone to collect rent for me, deposit rent into my account, finding new renters when needed, evicting bad renters if needed, maintenance and repairs to my condo, etc...
  2. My monthly bills - things that I have to pay every month (my HOA, outstanding credit card payments, home insurance payments, etc...)
  3. Taxes - Surprise, surprise, I didn't know this but even if you are not living or working in the US you are still required to file your taxes every year
  4. Renewals - Renewal of my teaching credential every five years, renewal of my drivers license and credit cards, renewal of my home owner insurance, etc...
  5. Storage - Storage of things that I will not be able to take with me. Such as keeping track of what friends are borrowing curtain furniture pieces or who is storing miscellaneous keepsakes such as photo albums or artwork
  6. Home Owner Information - Keeping me up to date with my HOA meetings and any fee updates or building assessments/repairs
  7. Selling Goods - Helping me sell things that I may not have been able to sell before I leave (i.e. my car)
  8. Money issues - Keeping track of money being donated and deposited into my ministry account and making sure that my minisry is fully supported.
  9. Health/Death - Keeping up to date with health and medical benefits that will be used while overseas, as well as details concerning my will, a power of attorney in the event of my death, and burial details (where I will be buried if I die while overseas).
  10. Family details - Someone that will keep me up to date on family details - illnesses in the family, weddings, births, graduations, etc.
  11. Ministry communication - someone to help keep me up to date with the churches that are supporting me as well as keep those churches informed about changes that occur in regard to my ministry overseas.
  12. US Citizen Obligations - Someone to collect important forms that come in the mail (i.e. absentee voter forms, jury duty summons forms, etc.) complete them and return them to the correct parties.

Crazy huh! And this list is not even complete! I am so glad that I am not on this journey alone because if I was, it would be IMPOSSIBLE!

With God all things are POSSIBLE!

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