Saturday, August 9, 2008

God will always get His way

I came to the realization this week that God always gets his way...

It seems obvious but for some reason it hit me this week.

I was talking to some friends who were asking me about missions.

I told them that I knew God wanted me to go to Africa 5 years ago... Then I started thinking about the things I did in the last five years - knowing all along that God wanted me elsewhere. What I realized is if I would have listened to God's gentle calling the first time I heard it, the process of leaving would have been SO much easier...

For example:

NOW I have a place to try and rent out, 5 years ago I was still living with Mom & Pop

NOW I have a house full of furniture to sell, store, something with, 5 years ago all I had was a TV and a bed.

NOW I have a full time teaching job to work around and eventually quit, 5 years ago I had just graduated from CSUN with my BA and didn't have a job.

NOW I have to raise extra money to try and make up for a "weak" dollar, 5 years ago the dollar was doing WAY better with a greater exchange rate.

So the lesson here...God will eventually get you where He wants...He will call you in His perfect time but if you drag your feet on your decision you will probably make the process way harder for yourself than God ever intended it to be.

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