Sunday, August 3, 2008

Memories of Africa

Today I was reminded of Africa.

The boiler in my building is on the fritz and in need of replacing and so hot water to my building has been going in and out for the last few weeks. Usually I just wait until later in the day when the hot water is restored to take a shower but today I have to be somewhere and had no other choice...

I turned on the hot water handle hoping I would get a few drips of hot but quickly realized that the water was going from cold to colder rather than the other way around. I chucked to myself thinking that this was what I have to look forward to next year on a rather regular basis.

My shower was fast... And as a result I thought to myself what the benefits to a shower with no hot water might be... Here's my list:

  1. Your shower is 2 min's tops... which saves ALOT of money on water
  2. If you are tired you wake up need for a mid-day nap after this shower!
  3. You cool down FAST even on a hot day
  4. You can actually set your home thermostat to a higher temp to help you "warm up"
  5. Your bathroom mirrors don't steam up
  6. You can drink hot chocolate on a summer day after your shower
  7. You aren't in there long enough to get water in your ears (Yes, that usually happens to me)
  8. Because you are in there for a short period, your fingers/toes don't get prunie

In the whole scheme of things hot water is a why not look on the bright side and laugh rather than complain and get grumpy...I think a positive attitute to tough situation brings God more glory than a negative one!

SO...Keep smiling my friends, even when the road is hard and the water is cold!

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