Saturday, June 14, 2008

What's Africa Like...Part 1

I get asked this question a lot so since I don't own my own video camera...I will rely on some youtube videos to try and answer that question...


The Rules:

  1. Man with the biggest tires wins
  2. All of the road is free driving space no matter what direction you are going
  3. When passing...honk, swerve and cut-off
  4. Pedestrians right of way??? HaHa...refer to Rule 1
  5. The Side of the road is for passing...or for forcing slower traffic to the side...not walking!
  6. No helmets, seat belts, or car seats required
  7. All cars or taxis should be occupied fully!

PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION...At its best?? - Judge for yourself =)

Here's the View from a Motorcycle Taxi (aka Boda Boda):

If Taking a Van Taxi (aka Matatu), make sure you get on the right one...

AND finally...

If you are riding in a Matatu...Don't expect a personal space bubble...You may in fact have a stranger on your lap at the next stop!

Stay tuned for more answers to the popular question..."What's Africa Like?" in the near future!

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