Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Welcome to the Rollercoaster Ride!

So it's amazing how much free time I have now that I am on vacation from work and DONE with college...I find myself trying to find ways to keep myself busy but many a days go by where I couldn't tell you one thing that I got accomplished that day.

As a result of my boredom, I have been doing a lot of reading...I am reading 5 different books right now and learning amazing things from each of them. So book #3 I am going to mention to you is called "Serving as Senders". It is super awesome because I am learning what missionaries go through and what they need to successfully fulfill the calling God's given them.
The thing that surprised me in this book was the Roller coaster Ride of emotions that a missionary goes through. I wanted to share it with you so you have an idea where I am and where I may be going during my own little roller coaster ride through this missionary life.

The straight line at the bottom represents "normal living" taking into consideration that normal living also has ups and downs, the ups and downs represented here go beyond those found in normal living. Right now I am in the "B" section as I prepare for field training and church approvals... Keep your prayers coming!

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