Monday, June 30, 2008

Man's plans - God's provisions

On June 1st I placed an ad in Cornerstone Classifieds about my condo being for rent. A friend of mine who is going to help me manage it when I am gone saw it in the classifieds and called me with tips... Basically, the conversation went like this:

Friend: "What is the monthly expense on your place?"
Me: "$2100 OR $2200 if you count furniture"
Friend: "That's really high for your area and for the current housing situation"
Me: "I know but whatever I don't get covered in rent I have to make up with fundraising"
Friend: "I realize that BUT you may not get anyone calling you at that price"
Me: "Well, maybe I should wait a few months and then lower the price"
Friend: "Yeah but if you wait to long to lower it you may miss the summer window, that is when most people don't want to miss that"
Me: "You're right...maybe I will just wait one month and see what happens"
Friend: "Okay, wait a month and then seriously think about changing it."
Me: "Okay"
Friend: "Here are 3 other sites that you can list it on that will attract more potential renters...1, 2, 3...
Me (thinking to my self)...."AHHHHH, this is going to be harder than I thought...can I really do this!! What happens if I can't rent it...worry, worry, worry....stress, stress, stress"

When the conversation was over I did go and list it on the 3 sites... I felt good about it but still had a little fear when I did it...thinking "what if I have a bad renter?", "what if it doesn't rent?", "what if I can't cover my expenses?", "what if I don't have anyone to support my ministry financially?", etc., etc., etc....

God: Shaking his head up in heaven saying, "My child don't you know that I hold all things in my hands and I have this thing under control...don't worry just trust in me!"

Last night I went to bed and didn't think much about it...
This morning I woke up and had an email from a sender I didn't know, it just had a few words in it, they were:..."Hi, I am interested in seeing the place you have for rent, can we set up an appointment, I am interested!"

Me (thinking to myself again): "Why do I doubt God....look at what happens when I just trust...He shows Himself, His power to do the "impossible" and reinforces yet again that I am right where I need to be and doing exactly what He wants me to do!" Thank you Lord...and forgive me for my little feable mind that can't always comprehend how amazing and awesome You are!

Man's plans are never as good as God's provisions!

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