Friday, January 2, 2009

Fundraising...On a fun note...

As I open a new chapter of my life as a missionary the joys & pains of fundraising are quickly becoming a reality of life.

As a missionary that has to raise her own funds, I must confess...I HATE FUNDRAISING...but...On the flip side...I like seeing the way God works through it and despite my feeble attempts.

Now I must admit...I have experienced a few people that respond to my fundraising efforts with looks of shock and small gasps...let me say...I want to avoid that at all costs!

So as a responsible and trustworthy partner with you in missions...I want to promise not to use any of the fundraising tips in the video below...

Okay...seriously though...I wish I didn't have to ask for money at all but God has not called me to serve alone. He has raised up a body of believers who are called to serve alongside of partner with me both financially and prayerfully.

The bible says that it is God who is the ruler of all things and we are just the stewards of what He has so greatly blessed us with!

If you are interested in meeting with me and hearing more about my ministry, please let me know!

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