Friday, January 16, 2009

Uganda via Van Nuys...

I am the lucky winner of award duty at work (and yes...that statement is dripping with sarcasm)...basically I write out the awards for the kids at the school that have perfect attendance, or receive student of the month or the citizen of the month...It's loads of fun I know!

Well, this past week as I was writing the awards I came across an African name. Strange because most of the names I write are of a Latin orgin and strange because the spelling looked somewhat similar to other names I have heard before.

Naturally, I decided I had to look into this whole situation a little bit futher and so out of sheer curiosity I looked at the room number...and yes...his class is right next door to mine.

Well, if you know me at all, I had no other option but to march myself next door and inquire where in Africa this student was from with an excited tone in my voice and a smile on my face. Together, the teacher and I did some investigating and well...can you guess where little Ethan is from?? guessed it...Uganda!!! At this point I was really excited and determined to meet mom or dad.

Today I got that opportunity! I ran into mom in the office picking up Ethan and struck up a conversation by asking her if she was from Uganda...Well, when I told her I had been there twice I got a good ol' Ugandan welcome complete with an excited hollar and a hug.

We were like old friends, mukwanos, right there in the middle of the school office...chatting about the Lugandan language, the food and the countryside. I mean gotta love Uganda for the people alone! They are so amazing!

So we decided we will have to chat again...maybe over at the local Ugandan restaurant that happens to be less than 5 minutes from my school and smack dab in the middle of Van Nuys, California!

A coincidence?? I think not! :)

Thank you God!

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