Thursday, January 15, 2009


If you look at any book of etiquette it would tell you to walk with your head held high, shoulders back and eyes glancing forward.

Me, being the klutz that I am tend to walk shoulders slumped and eyes glancing down...just to make sure I don't trip on my own two feet and bite the dust.

I don't know what your walking stance looks like but yesterday I got some great advice from a friend on walking and praying.

Her advice was to pray that you will always see God's back when you other words, when the going gets rough, or even when its easy, we should be desiring to be walking so close to God that where ever He is we are following right behind Him...looking at His back and following in His footsteps.

I love the idea that God will walk in front of me and that when the bumps in the road may surprise me...they aren't a surprise to Him.

So my challenge to myself, is to stop looking at where my own two feet are going...and start looking up and following the "back" of God that is walking right in front of me...leading and guiding me down the paths that He would have me to go.

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