Monday, January 5, 2009

My Florida Quirks... has happened...I have arrived in California from Florida and sound like I am from a foreign land!

A few of my friends have mentioned that I have new sayings that I have never had before and which I have NO idea where or from whom I have acquired them from. Here they are:

1. I use the phrase "come now" and when I did this last night with some friends one of them broke out with the song "come now fount of many blessing..." I know, I know...I wish you could have been there too!

2. I use the phrase "wait for it"...unfortunately people expect great sayings or stories when I tell them to "wait for it" and well... If you know me... I don't usually have grand things to say

3. I use the word "y'all" which can refer to a large group, a small group, an individual, a man, a woman, etc...This one I know I got from Kristy and it makes me think of her each time I am called out for using it so I don't mind it so much =)

Now in addition to my new words and phrases I have also acquired a skill that is DRIVING ME CRAZY! Actually, I don't think it is classified as a skill but more of an annoying habit.

In Florida, many people referred to the main highway through town (highway 41) as the 7-lane highway. Me being from the land of large and wide roads was amused that the largest highway was 7 lanes but I chuckled and made some comments and went on my merry way...

WELL...let me say...that I have been back for two weeks now and I unconsciously started to count the lanes on our streets and is driving me crazy!!! Here is what my brain was doing today as I was driving...

Okay...going to my aunts place...take the 118 to the 210 off at maclay

oh...Petit Place (2 lanes)
Balboa Blvd (7 lanes same as 41)
118 freeway (5 lanes each direction...5 x 2 = 10 lanes wider than 41 but ohhh look here it is 6 lanes so that is 12 which is HUGE!!)
210 freeway (5 lanes each...5 x 2 = 10...yep wider than 41)
and off at maclay (ahh back to 2 lanes)...

Do you see how annoying this can be??!! I can't stop myself! I have done this everywhere I have driven since I have been back...the 5, the 118, the 14, the 405, the 101, the side streets to and from my house AND you would think that if I had done it once I wouldn't do it again...NOPE...I think I have been on the 118 at least 5 times since being back and every time both there and back I am counting the lanes in the highway!

So now...someone please help me out...I want to know who I have acquired my new phrases from and how I can make my subconscious stop counting!!


Jen Unander said...

Hahaha that is so funny Lena!! I love it!!

Now that you are back we should hang out... especially since our friendship officially started just weeks (if that) before you left for Florida! :)

Jen Unander said...

Oh and if it makes you feel better...

This is something that started when I was young and I have NEVER in my life told anyone about this (so feel special!)

I sometimes do this total rain-man thing where I add up the value of a word in my head...

For example:


L is the 12th letter
E is 5th
N is 14th
A is 1st


I dunno what that means... maybe we should find a "Counting Anonymous" group? hahahaha

Lena said...

Yes!! Lets hang out!! And by the way...your rain man thing makes me love you soooo much more!! I am so glad we aren't alone in our weird number quirkiness!

Neil and Courtney said...

I love this post! I miss everyone so much---especially YOU. :)

Lena said...

Ahh...I miss you too!!! I think of you everyday as I wear you around my neck :)