Tuesday, January 13, 2009


I never thought I would get to this point in my life but it is amazing how God has changed my heart.

I can now say that I hate sin and the reality of it literally makes me sick to my stomach. The last day and a half I have had this terrible rock in the bottom of my stomach when a private sin of someone I looked up was exposed.

I feel for the person, I am sad for them and I weep for them. I couldn't sleep last night and I can't shake this "I can't believe it" that keeps running through my mind. I want nothing more than for them to be restored to our Father but on the other hand I just want to smack this person in the back of the head and say "how dare you"! You represent Christ, you are not your own, you where bought with a price!

I realized just how much Satan is trying to tear down the body of Christ and how much pleasure he receives when he gets a stronghold in a Christian's life.

I want to urge you as my brothers and sisters in Christ to flee from any immorality...you are a representative of our God and Father. Please don't tear down His name for the fleeting pleasure of this world. After all, we are a family and your sin doesn't just affect you...it hurts all of us and it hurts our Father in heaven even more!


Ryan said...

Thanks Lena. I probably need to hear this every day.

kboden said...

Thanks, Lena...you are beautiful. I love to hear your heart. It reflects Christ.

teri said...

precious child, you are right about sin, and it is so good to see each of us come to this position of having God's heart toward it...as we grow and mature in Christ, longing to have His character more and more, our own smallest compromises become huge, we see the wrong thought, the rolling of our eyes, the slight jokes that we laugh at are as sinful before God as what grieves you now, and we praise God that we are growing in His character. May you continue to become more like Christ, and die more and more to your flesh every day until there is nothing left of you, and only He is seen.