Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Yesterday I was at church all day and as a result I heard the sermon 4 times...Yes it was good all four times!

Anyhow...each sermon my pastor talked about this being the last weekend of the year and that it is a pivital weekend because most people look back over the year and then set goals for the next year.

He mentioned that most people look back with regret thinking about all the things they wanted to accomplish and yet when they look back over the year their lives look the same this December as they did last December.

This got me thinking...what was I doing last December and how has God worked in my life since then??

...let me just say...its AMAZING!

Let me take you back in time and show you just what I mean!

The last weekend of December 2007 - I had just arrived from a month in Uganda and my global missions pastor asked me about the trip. I told him all about it and when I was done he looked at me and said..."So when are you going to move to Uganda?" My natural response was to laugh and say "never!" He asked me what was holding me back. My response was:

1. My house...I love it!
2. My job...I worked hard to get it
3. My education...I'm still doing it
4. The idea of fundraising...NO WAY! NO HOW! NO THANK YOU!

His response was..."I'll be praying about it"

And well...as I sit here on this,
the last weekend of December 2008 here is where I stand:

1. My house...It's up for rent!
2. My job...I'm getting ready to fill out leave paperwork!
3. My education...I'm done!
4. The idea of fundraising...I'm doing it!

Isn't it amazing how God changes hearts and lives??!!

As I think about what the last weekend of December in 2009 holds I can't even fathom what it will look like. I mean...last year I planned to do nothing big but maybe another short term trip and I ended up in Florida for two months and am on my way to full-time missions. Now that I am doing something and walking in the way God wants me to go, the possibilities are endless!

I can't believe the God of the entire universe wants to use little ol' me! It blows my mind!


Ryan said...

I'm glad for how God has changed your heart in the past year Lena. Now we get to be friends and even work together (sort of)!!!

Hope you're doing swell. And yes, I just used the word "swell."

Jen said...

I love when God does stuff like that!