Monday, December 8, 2008

A Birthday Extravaganza!

Yes folks...I have to admit...I just had another birthday...the 28th actually BUT this birthday was unlike any I have ever had before!
This year I spent my birthday in Florida and let me say...I wasn't expecting anything special.

BOY WAS I WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The day started at 7am when my roommates woke me up with breakfast in bed

Then it was off to work where everyone broke out in a round of "Happy Birthday" during the morning announcements

At 12pm, lunch rolled around and I was surprised with lunch and birthday games!

We had a hola hoop competition:

rice races:

jump roping:

...and...chalk & bubbles:

At 6pm Jackie & Kristy took me out to a rockin' restaurant for shrimp & salmon...It was amazing! After that they told me we were going to go out for desert BUT we walked into yet another surprise...Ice skating!

Now after breakfast in bed, a surprise lunch & game adventure, a great dinner, and a surprise ice skating extravaganza, I thought the party was done...but I was wrong again!!

The girls told me we were going to go out for desert but they wanted to stop at home to get, never really having had surprises planned for me, didn't think anything of it. When I walked into the house there was another surprise party!

We had dessert (with re-lighting candles of course!),

balloons, cards & flowers,

All topped off with a night of board game fun!

So all in all...this was the BEST birthday EVER... fun filled from 7am to 1am the next day...pretty much 10 birthdays all rolled into one!

Oh how I love all my new friends who I can now officially considered my new "family"!

You guys are the BEST!

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