Sunday, November 30, 2008


Believe it or not I am no longer living alone.

At first the idea of having 6 housemates (including 1 roommate) kinda freaked me out but as these 5 weeks have passed I have decided that living with 6 other girls isn't so bad.

This is what I enjoy about them:
  1. There is always someone home to talk to or play games with
  2. There are people around to have movie marathons with
  3. There is always food in the fridge (and ice cream in the freezer)
  4. The house is generally clean
  5. There are late night gab sessions (usually interfering with sleep hours but always worth it)
  6. There are unexpected surprises, laughter and hugs
  7. There are lots of good stories to be told
So here are my roomies...I will introduce them to you from left to right:

Renee - She is working at the CGO in the publishing department. She was a missionary in Ukraine for 5 years and is originally from Michigan.

Helen - She is also working at the CGO but in HivHope. She lived in Kenya for awhile and is now engaged to be married to a cool guy here at NMSI.

Amy - Affectionately known as "my roomie". She is a true Floridan from Orlando. She is going through the COAT program with me and plans on working at the CGO in the short term missions division.

Jessica - She is on Home Assignment from Kenya where she has lived the last three years. She is originally from Chicago and just moved this week to Wisconsin to do an outdoor missions training for the next 9 months.

Beth - She too works here at the CGO in the publications division. She just moved here permanently from Pennsylvania and was my thanksgiving buddy at my family party.

Jenni - She is going through COAT with me and is planning on moving to Cambodia to rescue girls out of sex trafficking.

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nina said...

Hey girl :)

It's too late to call you or text, but I wanted to send blessings your way. I got home late but thanks for calling.

I'm praying for you and will call you tomorrow.