Thursday, November 6, 2008

My Schedule

Believe it or not...Florida has not been a vacation.

Each work day (M-F) starts at 8am sharp with a stand up meeting. I am not quite sure of the purpose of this meeting but I know that we literally stand up during it.

At 8:15 we have office devotions in which we read and discuss a passage of text together.

At 9am we start all of our official COAT activities. This is different on each day but so far we have been having orientation meetings to find out everything that happens at NMSI. There are spiritual formation classes, perspective classes, financial stewardship classes, international division meetings, technology orientations, media orientation and much, much more.

We have an hour lunch and then end the "work" day around 5.

After the day at the office is finished we then have homework to accomplish before the next business day.

Here is a picture of some of my new homework books (and books I brought in hopes of reading) for the next two months:

let's just say....I'm busy but love it and am learning ALOT! I am just hoping that I have enough room in my brain to hold all my new knowledge!

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