Wednesday, December 24, 2008

My Rachel

I haven't seen my friend Rachel in months, which is so sad, but today was a great day!

When I left for Florida Rachel was still in and out of consciousness, still scheduled for an absurd amount of surgeries and still in ICU at USC medical center.

Today I visited her and let me say...there is some amazing progress!

She is now in a new hospital closer to home, she is walking with a walker, practicing climbing stairs in physical therapy, going to speech therapy, going to occupational therapy, eating solid food, laughing, smiling, talking, hugging people and the works!

In fact she is doing so well that the doctors are letting her go home for 3 hours on Christmas day! I am so amazed at the progress since I have been gone!

I am so proud of my friend and so thankful to the many doctors that have made this possible.

Thank you for all your prayers! Keep up the good work =)

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