Sunday, September 21, 2008

Still for Rent...

Hey All,
My place is still available for rent so if you know anyone that is interested please let me know. I lowered the price some so now it is $1795 per month. The sooner I am able to rent it out the more I will be able to save up for the trip!
Just in case you forgot...It is 2 bedrooms/2 bath, 1218 square feet and this is what it looks like:

Living Room






Office/2nd Bedroom

Master Bath


Matt W. said...

Lena, I'm sorry to hear you still have not found a renter for your condo. It looks like a very nice place. I will be praying for a renter to come along very soon.

Thank you so much for the nice card. It is an honor to support you.

I missed you at Collide on Friday. Were you there? I wasn't able to make the picnic yesterday, had to work. The Church service was great yesterday. I attended the 5 PM. I looked for you over at the sound booth after service but didn't see you. I wanted to say hi and thank you in person.

You and Rachel are always in my prayers. I hope you have a great week!

Your brother in Christ, Matt

Jen Unander said...

Hi Lena! It's Jen!

Wow your condo is beautiful! I will be praying God leads the right renters to you.

It was great getting to know you the other day. Rachel's progress continues to encourage me every day! :)