Sunday, February 27, 2011

Preservatives please!

Honestly, there isn't much I miss from the states...I don't miss the Santa Ana winds, or the SFV wild fires. I don't miss the 405 freeway, the work-a-holic mentality, or the individualistic society...

What do I miss then? I hate to say it, but I miss preservatives! haha! Is that weird?! Of course I miss friends and family left behind, but when people ask me what I want them to send me as gifts, my mind always runs to those foods I love but can't get here in UG...

My favorite preservatives, you ask?

Dried Cheese Tortellini & Raviolis...
Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups
White Chocolate Chips
Dark Chocolate Covered Espresso beans
Beef Jerky
and Powdered Coffee Creamer

So there you have insight into me and my preservative secrets!

Maybe someday these favs will make into a store nearest me...(hint, hint)...if you are a store owner in UG and want tips on what to import...I promise to buy these items from long as you don't try and charge me $45 for something that should only cost $3...

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