Saturday, February 12, 2011

Okola ki buli lunaku?

Nzuukuka buli lunaku ne nsenya amannyo.
Bwe maliriza nnaaba omubiri ne ngambala engoye.
Oluvannyuma nsaba ne nsoma baibuli.
Bwe maliriza nvuga e'motoka ngenda ku ssomero mu CLC ne nyiga oluganda ne Simon.
Oluvannyuma negezamu oluganda ne mikwano gyange.
Bwe maliriza ngenda awaka ne kwebaka.
Nsaba njiga okugamba oluganda mangu mangu!


So if you haven't noticed...I am practicing my luganda on you! HAHA...the great thing about practicing on you, my reading audience, is that most of you don't speak luganda so if this is COMPLETELY have no idea and you still think I am great luganda speaker :) In turn boosting my confidence in trying to speak...haha!

But if you are reading this and you do speak luganda, please let me know how I did...I am sure its got some flaws...BUT feel free to send me corrections, or even questions in luganda so I can try to respond to you!

For all you non-luganda is the rough translation of what I wrote (or tried to write):

Title: What do you do every day?

"I wake up every day and brush my teeth.
When I am finished, I bathe and get dressed.
Then, I pray and read my bible, when I finish, I go to my school (CLC) in my car and I learn Luganda with Simon. Later I practice luganda with my friends.
When I am finished, I go home and sleep.
I pray I will learn to speak luganda soon!"

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