Sunday, February 6, 2011

Do you cook in your kitchen??

haha...okay, yes, I admit, I am not betty crocker and my ideal night is not making some exotic meal but I have to say, I love learning about Ugandan culture!!

So here...Wives are expected to cook and serve their husbands...that is not what strikes me though...what strikes me is how the language reinforces the idea of what a marriage should look like...

What do I mean??

Well...the verb to cook is: Oku-fumba

If I am cooking I say: Nfumba

If I am not cooking, I say: Sikufumba

Now do you want to know the word for married???

It is: Mufumbo

If I am married I just say I am: Mufumbo

and if I am not married, I say Simufumbo

See the similarity??

Its like saying, no I'm not cooking, and no I'm not married...Now that is one to smile about...the thing that made me laugh though is the conversation I had about this with my language teacher...

It went kinda like this:

"So if you are married, you can cook in the kitchen and you can cook other places too"

Hats of Betty Crocker and Martha Stewart then, if you aren't already married you would make two really great African wives!

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