Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Lena and Lena

Wow...this has been a busy last two weeks!! Sorry for the stretch of time between posts!

These last two weeks we had a birth, a graduation, I went on a house hunt, I moved, and much much more!

Here is one of the things that happened in the craziness of the last 10 days...Baby Mercy Lena was born!

Here is a picture of the me with my namesake and her parents (Teddy and Sam)...She is soooo cute! She is also the first baby I have ever had named after me...

I have to say, its strange to have someone named after you feel as if you have some kind of responsibility to them or for them, it makes me wonder as if God feels the same way about us as we take on his name "Christian", literally "little Christ"


Joe and Tracy in Ecuador said...

That is Wonderful! Little Lena couldn't have a better person to be named after. So, how did the house hunt go?

marcie said...

What a special honor!! You are certainly making a difference out there!!