Monday, November 9, 2009

And the drama continues...

with my Visa that is...

Last week (Friday) I was in Kampala...well not totally in Kampala but in a village at about 1:30 I caught a boda boda on my way to the main road into the city

at about 2...the boda boda breaks down

5 minutes later, a motor taxi full to the brim passes me...I jump in...even though there are 21 people crammed into a 14 passenger car...

around 2:30 I get into the capital

I hop out, find the nearest boda boda and bargain for a ride to the Immigration office

I hop onto the boda...for the 10 minute ride and 2 minutes into it a sudden rainstorm arrives out of the blue...

I continue on the ride...realizing that looking smart and presentable is now out of the question and focus on the important task of keeping my paperwork dry.

around 2:45 I arrive, dripping wet, looking like I bathed with all my clothes on at Immigration

I walk into office 2...they take one look at me and say "oh sorry!"

I sit...hoping to dry off before I am called...

5 minutes later I shuffle my soggy self in front of the immigration officer...she takes one look at my paperwork and sends me to room 1.

I arrive at room 1, and then am told to go to window 1.

Window 1 hands me my passport and tells me to go to window 5.

I go to window 5 who writes a charge slip and tells me to go back into town to a bank I have never been to before.

I hail yet another boda boda, bargain and ride to the bank...still wet but at least not sopping.

I go to the first line, then realize I should be in the third line..

I finally pay BUT here's the catch...I have to wait 2 1/2 hours for the receipt or come back tomorrow...

Do they not know I live 2 hours away!? AND that in 2 1/2 hours Immigration will be closed until Monday morning...?!

Saturday rolls around...

After a required morning session at a local children's center, I ride into town with some friends...

The bank (open from 9-1pm)

The time...12:30

I bargain again with a boda boda, hop on and get to the bank at 12:45

I stand in line until 12:55

I got the receipt...!!!

Now only if Immigration was open on Saturday!

My conclusion...
No wonder there are so many illegal aliens...being legal is way to much work!!

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Dan & Mary said...

yes we also understand this process. i often asked myself why does anyone immigrate to another country?!