Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Happy Birthday Uncle Godfrey!

Last night was one of my most favorite and memorable nights with Ebenezer!

It was SOOO fun!

Why you ask??

Well it was Uncle Godfrey's birthday...and while we call him uncle he is actually our family father so it was a day to celebrate indeed.

Aunt Flo and I did a little scheming the last few weeks and with the kids help we had a fabulous surprise party for him.

The kids all wrote birthday letters and encouragement cards to him.

Aunt Flo, along with some of our kids, prepared some of his favorite foods.

I made two cakes and the kids helped wrap Aunt Flo's present for him.

It was a night of laughs, smiles, good food, family, gifts, and fun...

Here are a few of my favorite moments:

Juliet prepares the rice

Wonder and Benjamin prepare the chapati

Time to eat!


Birthday Cards!

A gift...what could it be?!

" I got Blue!" New perfume for our Uncle

Sampling the goods...

Time for Cake!

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