Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Language Lull

Yes...its true, without a steady and consistant language helper I have officially reached my language lull...

I can greet and say a few other things BUT mostly...Im stuck!

Since some of you have been wondering what I is what is rattling around in my head at the present moment (but just know that it is 7am for my brain still isn't fully functional yet :)

Nkwagala nyo: I love you very much
Oli otya: How are you?
Wasuze otya: How did you spend the night?
Ossibye otya: How has been your day?
Bulungi: Good
Jende: Fine
Jabale Cyo: Very Well Done
Calle: Okay
Umm: Yes
Nedda: No
Weebale: Thank You
Ogenda wa?: Where are you going?
Awaka: Home
Abeeka bali batya?: How are the people at your home?
Oyugero oluzungu?: Do you speak English?
Mirembe: Peace
Ssubi: Hope
Yesu: Jesus
Katonda: God
Mukwano gwange: My friend
Gwe: You
Amazzi: water
Wonge: Yes please/what?

Enjoy learning some Luganda words :) I'll keep practicing too :) haha!

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